Where was Steam and Go™ products was Designed?

Steam and Go™ was designed in Los Angeles California. It was created to provide everyday people access to a professional quality steamer, no matter where they travel or live.


How Does XSteam/SteamPly™ Working?

XSteam/SteamPly™ utilizes the power of combined water and salt  to create steam that smooths away wrinkles in moments.


Is it hard to Maintain The XSteam/SteamPly™?

Definitely not! All you have to do is rinse the unit out after each use. Simply rinse with fresh tap water and XSteam/SteamPly™ will be ready to be used the next time.


Why Must Tap Water Be Used Instead of Bottled Water?

XSteam/SteamPly™ is negatively impacted by mineral build-up. Most bottled watered incudes added minerals that may be harmful to the unit. It is recommended that you only use tap water.


Why Can’t I Use More Salt Than Recommended?

There must be a perfect balance of water and salt. This is why XSteam/SteamPly™  comes with a water measuring cup and salt measuring spoon. Always use the exact amount of recommended salt. Excessive salt will cause the unit to overheat and may cause problems with electrical circuitry.


What types of Fabrics Does XSteam/SteamPly™ Work On?

XSteam/SteamPly™ works on most types of fabric include cotton, linen, poly blends and silks.


What if my  XSteam/SteamPly™ Stops Working?

All SteamPly™ irons come with a 5 year Warranty. And all Xsteam™ irons come with a lifetime Warranty If the iron stops working because of a product defect, you will receive a replacement ASAP.